Our Environment

Our Environment

We all share this world – and we’ve only got the one. At FRS, we’re committed to managing the effect of our operations on the environment.

Here’s how we’re doing that:

We meet (and if possible, exceed) the requirements of relevant Environmental Legislation, Regulations, and industry Codes of Practice.

We have BRC and AIB food industry certification, and are members of the Food and Drink Federation and the National Association of Master Bakers; we meet all of their standards for environmental requirements. We also have a Legal Register with applicable legislation for the various parts of FRS, which details the legal compliance measures we have in place.


We reduce waste by operating waste minimisation programmes and promoting recycling in all areas of our business.

Our waste bread and dough is reprocessed into animal feed; paper, cardboard and metal is segregated and recycled; and general waste is sent to a materials recycling facility for sorting, where it is either recycled or given to a waste to energy plant.


We set environmental objectives and targets, and are committed to regularly reviewing these.

Our current targets (for the year 2017/18) include a 5% reduction on energy consumption across all areas, and reducing operational waste as a percentage of production quantity. We are also moving to low energy lighting. We include environmental considerations in any proposals for new plant/equipment.


We constantly improve our energy and water efficiency in order to conserve valuable natural resources.

Our production processes use large quantities of electricity, gas and water. We have Climate Change Agreements in place – as part of these, energy and water consumption is closely monitored, with reduction year on year one of our key objectives. New projects or improvements suggested always assess the energy and/or water savings that can be achieved as part of the process.


We maintain up-to-date information on environmental issues that could affect us, and keep environmental concerns in mind alongside our operational and commercial objectives.

We have an Environmental Steering Committee, including Directors from each part of FRS, which sets up and reviews our strategic environmental focus and yearly targets. We also have an Environmental Working Group, which concentrates on individual and day-to-day projects, supporting our Environmental Manager. Our Environmental Manager is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and has a great deal of experience working in environment and energy.


We ensure that the views of interested parties are considered when making strategic decisions that may affect the environment.

The Roberts Family cares strongly about minimising how the actions and processes of FRS impact on the environment. We have five values: Quality, Courage, Community, Nurturing, and Togetherness, which we use as the basis for how we operate. We work closely with interested parties including our supply chain, regulatory authorities and certification bodies to ensure that we understand, address, and plan for our environmental impact. This also forms part of the assessment and approvals process for all business changes and investments. Additionally, we have joined the Weaver Gowy Catchment Partnership, whose vision is to safeguard and improve the health of our local area.


We communicate and promote awareness of our Environmental Policy to all employees, and provide training and development to help them support the need for environmental conservation.

Our Environmental Policy is displayed on noticeboards around the business, and environmental impact is discussed during induction. When the Policy is updated, our employees are asked to sign up to their environmental responsibilities within the organisation. Our Environmental Manager is currently evaluating the training required to develop Environmental Champions within each area of the business.

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Modern Slavery

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